Tobago’s Business Technology Company

Web design

We design, deploy and maintain stunning, professional websites.

Point of sale

Digital touch screen computer cash register systems done right.

Ad Platform

Let your brand and your expertise shine. Advertise on our platform

Sale Software

We deploy robust, easy to use digital cash register systems that automates accounting and inventory management.


Each element of our system is designed for flexibility and customization. We're sure that our software is the right fit for your business.

Customer Management

Create a customer loyalty program, provide automated discounts or even send specialized alerts to individual customers

Invenroty Control

Track the location, sales, purchases, price and quantity of each individual item in stock and so much more.


Our team is made up of highly skilled Tobagonian professionals and passionate entrepreneurs. We speak the language of business and we've got your back all the way.

Web development

The digital Age has left Tobagonian businesses behind.

Online business is currently the fastest growing means of doing business transactions globally. Many startups launch online even before they have a physical location for a store. Why? because everyone has a smartphone and they’re not afraid to do their research or their purchases online. If your business does not have an online presence, you may be losing out big time.

Tobago Businesses Online

We’re here to help. We offer the cheapest and fastest  website building service on the island of Tobago and we’re  committed to bringing the look and feel of professional design practices to the already tech-savvy population of Tobago customers.

Easy Advertising Platform

with MangoScreen


MangoScreen is a platform developed by the MangoDream Tech company in Tobago. This is about advertising brands all over Tobago. You can sign up to host one of our screens in your store or simply place your ad on our fleet.

Glad you asked! We use a combination of slim bezel LCD monitors mounted in strategic locations to maximize content exposure. We connect these screens to our online ad database to serve individualized ads to each screen. Pretty clever tech behind the scenes. 

First our team of highly trained ninjas come in to determine the best locations. Then we mount a TV screen in the approved locations. Voila in store ads for all.

You sure can. If you host at least one of our screens at your store, you get paid every month. You can choose which ads you’d prefer not show up in your store no questions asked.

Of course. We’d install our MangoScreen at your location in like manner and create ads based on your products and services only.

Just $278.00 per month. That’s it.

There’s no extra charge if you’ve already got your ads artwork. [ We just have a few guidelines which must be followed.] AD art usually cost $50.00 per image to create.


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Point of Sale

  • Touchscreen Terminals
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